Top 5 Programming Languages for Mobile App Development


In the years to come, mobile apps will continue to dominate the digital space. Nowadays, almost every business is looking to capitalize on the latest mobile technology. Over the past 5 years, mobile is quite actively followed in trend. The mobile apps provide an easy medium to create brand awareness, acquire customers, and increase revenue.

Today, the main aim of most businesses is to reach a large number of customers, that too quickly. With new mobile app ideas, it's possible to engage users constantly.

Want to build a Mobile Application for your business?

Now, app development is more than just an option or choice. This means, in order to stay ahead in this competitive world, it necessary to have a unique mobile app solution. Not to surprise, people these days are spending more and more time every day. While making an app, programming language holds a crucial role and provide the better way to develop the app.

However, choosing the right language is an important aspect of the mobile app project. One wrong decision lead the hardest part in the initial development. And of course, the right decision will help you initiate an outstanding app development phase.

As we know, selecting a right programming language for the particular app development involves lots of hassles, so developers must take appropriate decision to undergo easy and fast development process. In this blog, we have mentioned the top 5 programming languages that make the mobile app development easy and fast.


When it comes to mobile application development, HTML5 is considered an ideal programming language. This markup language supports cross-browser support and exclusively build to run smoothly on the desktop and mobile browsers. It is responsive and can work on all devices. Because of its apt features, this is one of the most preferred languages for developing mobile games.

Being cost-effective, this web-fronted mobile app development language is preferred by developers. Easy and clean coding make it the popular choice for mobile app developers, along with other phenomenal feature. Other interesting features include offline editing, message enhancements, and a common SQL database for storing.


Swift-one of the most used languages having the potential to explore the future requirement. This language was released in June 2014 by Apple. Swift is successfully owing its hold across the iOS mobile app and Web development. It allows to code with Objective C treasuring latest framework and libraries making it popular among developers. With efficient APIs, Cocoa and Cocoa Touch, swift is ingraining all the possibilities to reduce all the scope for vulnerabilities associated with Objective C. No doubt, it's an ideal language for developing coding cutting-edge mobile apps.

TNW source considered Swift as fastest-growing languages. There are rumors that Google is looking for swift as their official language for coding Android apps. Well, if the sources are authentic, the demand for Swift developers will considerably soar higher.


Want to design a scalable and robust iOS app? Objective-C comes as a primary language for the mobile app development. With plenty of interesting features, this language supports the iOS App Development and fully integrated into all iOS and MacOS frameworks.

BuildFire JS

This is also one of the most used Mobile App Development languages that leverage Javascript and BuildFire SDK.

It allows the developer to create the mobile build fire app quickly.

Plugins are available with BuildFire, and more than 70 percent of standard use cases can be applied in business. This means developers can build functionality depending on the specific requirement instead of building an entire build file app from scratch.

This language is easy to learn and understand, which curtail the development time. It goes perfectly fine with the existing frameworks having the high scalability.


Python- another most used programming language, comes as an ideal option for developing mobile apps, along with web development. The language can easily be transferred across platforms that is why it is one among the most favorite to a number of web/mobile app developers. Easy to learn and implement, this language can be transferred across platforms.

One of the most pre-eminent thing that makes Python a desirable choice for the developer is, it suits both Android and iOS application development. This programing language offers great scalability and readability and hence can be used for cross-platform mobile applications development.


Above mentioned are some of the best programming languages that can be used for Mobile App Development. Understand your business requirements and accordingly make the wise selection, which robust programming languages perfectly fits the mobile app development.

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